Welcome to ATHNA’s New Blog

Julie Small Photo

Dear ATHNA members – we are very excited to announce the launch of our new blog.  Here you will find engaging, concise posts from a variety of fellow nurses in the field of travel health. For now, we have some articles lined up from various board and committee members. Our team of volunteer editors includes Past President Charlotte Katzin, President-elect Gail Rosselot, and myself. Eventually, we want other members to contribute content. We hope to provide clarification around difficult clinical issues, keep you informed with the latest information relevant to your practice, and allow you to learn from colleagues seamlessly.

We know you are busy and often overwhelmed with information.  Our intention is to design a blog that will provide insight, substantive reflections, and encouragement; not additional confusion.  Some of our posts will focus on the  unique challenges of our various practices and roles, but hopefully with a good dose of humor thrown in.  ATHNA’s mission has always been to promote excellence in the areas of clinical practice, education, and research, and our aim is to help travel health nurses to do just that.

In health and adventure,

Julie Richards, President
American Travel Health Nurses Association