Blog #18 Your Government at Work: Free Continuing Education from CDC

We all face increasing demands on our time these days, but to provide the best patient care, it’s critical to keep current with the latest travel health guidelines.  While nurses have to do a certain amount of continuing education to maintain various licensures and certifications, many  work in settings that offer little or no financial support for ongoing training.

The Centers for Disease Control can help on all counts.  They offer a plethora of courses on a wide variety of topics and they are all free. Many are relevant to the practice of travel health, and you’ll likely find additional course germane to other aspects of your work.   The CDC Learning Connection is the main source for public health training, developed by CDC and other agencies.  Many of these are accredited for CE for nurses and other health care professionals.  Here’s where you’ll find most of them.

Many of the courses useful to travel health nurses are on the CDC Training and Continuing Education Online site (TCEO). You may already be familiar with the popular You Call the Shots Series. This is updated regularly and currently has a whopping 16 modules. It focuses on current routine vaccine guidelines and recommendations.

Another great series is the EpiVac Pink Book Netconference.  There’s a module for each of the 16 Chapters of  “Epidemiology and Prevention of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases,” also known  as “The Pink Book.”

In addition, there’s a number of  specific disease related courses to enhance your knowledge base. These include:

The TB resources are especially rich, there’s practically an entire curriculum:

Finally, there are currently eight courses related to Zika.  Make  sure you take advantage of these to ensure you’re providing patients with the most up to date information:

Be sure and check out the Courses and Conferences section of the ATHNA website for regular updates.

Nurses add enormous value to society  every day.  Aren’t we fortunate to have such a wonderful library to further enhance the quality of our work?

Julie Richards, President

American Travel Health Nurses Association