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Dr. Katelyn Jetelina is the world-renowned founder and author of the newsletter YOUR LOCAL EPIDEMIOLOGIST (YLE).  Dr. Jetelina is a scientist, epidemiologist and educator.  Not only does she work as assistant professor at the University of Texas Health Science Center School of Public Health but is the mother of two toddlers and in her “free time” writes this newsletter!  

Dr. Jetelina started YLE in March 2020 to update her students and faculty on the developments of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Since its inception, YLE has grown to reach over 125 million people in 150 countries (it is translated in several languages), a huge national and international audience.  You may have seen her on the PBS News Hour July 28, 2022 when she was interviewed by Judy Woodruff answering questions about the COVID-19 pandemic.

The purpose of the YLE newsletter is to provide a direct line of “translated” and easy to understand public health science to the local, national, and international community.  Dr. Jetelina has covered COVID-19 topics ranging from variants, to vaccines and booster roll outs, to exciting new developments like antivirals.  YLE has also addressed other public health topics such as mental health, other infectious diseases such as Monkeypox, and public health current events. 

Dr. Jetelina has been awarded two national awards for her newsletter: a medal of honor from the US Department of Health and Human Services, Emergency Management and Medical Operations Field Operations and Response and the Public Health Practice Award from the American Public Health Association.  

Dr. Jetelina’s hope is that, “together, YLE provides breadth and depth into the pandemic, epidemiology, and public health overall.  Public health touches all of our lives, even outside of the pandemic”.

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Mette Riis, ATHNA Treasurer