TravelByte #44: What is One of the Most Valuable Travel Health Resources? Hint: IAC

Each year ATHNA encourages our members and readers to sign up to receive the weekly email newsletter IZExpress from, the Immunization Action Coalition. This non-profit, located in Minnesota, is a much-appreciated source for “all things U.S. immunizations.” IAC is the go-to resource for every immunizing professional who wants to keep up to date with our national standards of vaccination care. Changes to ACIP recommendations? Notice about ACIP meetings? VIS changes? Handouts for staff orientation, training, and patient care? IAC has them all and so much more… And of course, there is Ask the Experts, an archive of immunization answers provided by CDC experts in response to reader questions. Have a question about Hep A vaccine scheduling? Deciding who should get Prevnar 20? Unsure about the revised rabies vaccine dosing schedule? IAC provides the answers.

Once you subscribe, the latest edition of the IAC newsletter will be delivered into your email every Wednesday. As an example, this week subscribers to IZ Express Issue 1, 675, February 1, 2023, could learn about all these topics and many more:

Don’t miss out on critical changes to vaccination guidelines.

Don’t spend time researching updates on your own.

Sign up today for the free IAC resource at