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Dear Visitor – Here you will find engaging, substantive, and concise posts from a variety of fellow professionals in the field of travel health. Our writers strive to illuminate challenging clinical issues, share timely evidence-based recommendations, and keep you apprised of relevant global health and policy developments. Some of our blogs also offer free CE.

We embrace new contributors and welcome ideas for topics of interest or concern. Please send any suggestions to info@athna.org.

ATHNA’s mission has always been to promote excellence in the areas of clinical practice, education, and research, and our aim is to help travel health nurses to do just that.

While the editors continually update content, older posts may not be current.

In health and adventure,

Julie Richards,  Past President
American Travel Health Nurses Association


  1. Just checking in to see if there is a need in your organization for traveling nurses to rent a room & bath. I am located in San Diego.
    Thank you,


  2. Good evening, I have been trying to login but the system directs me to put password only not an username. Can you help me?


  3. Hello,

    We have rooms for rent, located in Auburn, Washington. Any interest you can reach us at (253) 329-2750.

    Thank You,

    Marcus Suber


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